Blue Topaz Stud Earrings Sterling Silver


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These beautiful polished Topaz earrings are to be worn when you are ready to achieve your goals! Or you want to be ready. Helping you to be motivated and keep your eye on the prize, Topaz is a wonderful stone for success. They're also gorgeously polished and cut to show their natural beauty.

Topaz: Meditation, Prosperity, Creativity. Known as a "wish stone", attracts abundance, wealth and success. Boots vitality and individuality, gives you drive to achieve your goals. Aids in meditation and creative expression.

Size/Weight Approx:

Oval: .3" x .2" / 2g
Teardrop: .3" x .2" / 2g
Princess: .2" x .2" / 2g
Round: 2" Diameter / 2g

Photo is representative. Rock Mama works intuitively to send the ones intended for you.

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