Sacred Earth Amulets Collection


      Amulet Necklaces & Protection Necklaces

      Our Sacred Earth amulets are grounded in ancient shamanic wisdom. Wear these talisman necklaces to bring abundant blessings and healing into your life. Each Sacred Earth amulet necklace comes with a Chinese "I CHING" coin, which symbolizes protection, good luck and wealth. Choose from Jasper, Pyrite, Agate, Blue Quartz, Jade or Tiger's Eye amulets. These powerful round stone amulets can help clear your chakra system, as well as offer you protection from negative energies. Shop our amulets and talisman necklaces for the solar plexus, root, heart, third eye and crown chakra. These handcrafted amulet necklaces make a great gift. Browse our amulets for a specific zodiac sign to shop by sign. We have amulet necklaces for the Virgo, Gemini, Scorpio, Taurus, Sagittarius, Leo and other zodiac signs. You can also shop for handcrafted amulet necklaces by intention. From healing and strength, to happiness and joy, our talisman necklaces can also help you increase your psychic abilities, intuition and bring about your personal intentions.

      We hope our amulet necklaces will bring you peace and protection. If you have any questions about our Blue Quartz, Pyrite, Jade, Tiger's Eye, Jasper, Agate or our other stone amulets please contact us, we're happy to help.