Charmed Life


      Protection Charm Necklaces

      Rock Mama’s Charmed Life collection features a selection of charm necklaces designed to inspire. Each talisman charm necklace has several unique pewter charms with specific powerful meanings. Our Sisterhood talisman necklace has Snowflake Obsidian which provides protection, clarity and brings balance. Looking for a necklace to clear negative energies and provide protection? Our Spirit Path necklace features Quartz crystals which offer protection and amplify energy. The Roots & Wings necklace has a string of African Turquoise, a form of Jasper that protects and promotes change and metamorphosis. Our Follow Your Heart necklace includes Red Jasper which brings clarity and insight. Shopping for a crystal necklace to clear your chakra system? Browse our talisman charm necklaces for the heart chakra and root chakra. Our unique crystal talisman charm necklaces make a great gift. Shop for talisman charm necklaces by zodiac sign. We carry charm necklaces for the Scorpio and other zodiac signs.

      We hope our crystal talisman charm necklaces will bring your desired intention to fruition. If you have any questions about crystal talisman necklaces please contact us, we're happy to help.