Facial Massagers


      Facial Rollers & Massagers

      Shop for facial massagers with real crystals here at Rock Mama’s. Our beautiful crystal facial roller will help your body release toxins from your lymphatic system and stimulate blood flow. The cool stones will soothe your skin and relieve puffiness. Our facial rollers are made with Rose Quartz, Jade, Green Aventurine, Agate, Bloodstone, Amethyst and more! Shopping for a unique gift for someone special? Browse our facial massagers by zodiac sign to find the perfect birthday gift. We carry crystal facial rollers for the Gemini, Libra, Pisces or Taurus. You can also choose a facial roller by intention. From abundance, faith, joy, anxiety relief, vitality, divine connection, success, trust, wisdom, intuition, hope, wellbeing, motivation, sleep & dreams, happiness, stress relief, psychic abilities, peace & harmony, growth and prosperity, our facial rollers can assist you in fulfilling your own personal intentions. We also carry facial massagers for the heart chakra and the root chakra.

      We hope you find a facial massager that will help you relax, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and improve your complexion. If you have any questions about our Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine or Jade facial rollers please contact us, we're happy to help.