Tale of the Lost Daughter


A crossroads — two realities, two ways of power — the everyday and the pagan world of magic. Time for Sarah to choose. At stake: her heart, mind and soul.

With the approach of the Winter Solstice, Sarah Ashby, a rising, young financial executive, has an emotional meltdown that unleashes an overpowering hunger for some essential, lost part of herself connected to her soul.

Following her instincts and the dream directives of a raven, Sarah propels herself on a spiritual adventure that lands her on a remote, rugged island on the Canadian West Coast and into the alternative, pagan world of magic, ritual and the Dark Goddess. Here she gains allies, including Kayla, a resident witch, and discovers the source of her soul ache as her own, beautiful feminine soul.

But how can Sarah navigate these strange waters without unraveling her existing world and sacrificing the things she most deeply cherishes?

Walk the Path with Sarah, in this first book in the Tales of She series, as she starts on a journey of reclaiming her inner power and beauty, and discovers the lost stories of the Dark Goddess that can return the life-giving ways of the sacred feminine to the waking world. What has been lost can be refound, all the more cherished than if it had never been lost at all.

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