Smoky Quartz Star Pendant


This Smoky Quartz star pendant is a lovely choice for those who are experiencing times of difficulty or inner turmoil because it is able to do away with negativity in a gentle manner. Much like smoke dissipates into the atmosphere, so too will your problems waft away into the past with the help of this Smoky Quartz pendant. 

Smoky Quartz: Serenity, Strength, Peace

A healing stone that helps in difficult times and fortifies resolve. It is a superb antidote to stress as it eliminates negative energy of all kinds. This stone gently dissolves negative emotions and helps soothe them. Smoky Quartz brings you serenity and inner peace and teaches you to let go of things and beliefs that no longer serve you.

The pendant measures approximately 1 1/4" tall,  6g.
Comes with an 18" sterling silver snake chain.

Photos are representative. We work intuitively to find the one intended for you.

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