Raw Selenite Stick


Stick around and find out why Selenite is a staple for any collection. It slices, it dices...it doesn't bite the baby! But in all seriousness, Selenite is excellent for cleansing and recharging your other stones. 

Selenite: Clarity, Peace, Protection

Selenite is a protective and healing stone that taps into pure divine light. It protects your aura and prevents external forces from influencing your mind, bringing deep peace, clarity, and wisdom. It is excellent for meditation and spiritual work and can enhance psychic abilities. Physically, it helps reduce inflammation and pain. Selenite also has strong cleansing energy that can be used to clear and recharge other crystals.

Approx 10" x 1" 

Photo is representative. We work intuitively to send the ones intended for you. Handle with care, as the texture is delicate.

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