Sunstone Rune Stones


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There is a sense of esoteric wisdom in runes, which have been used for divination or magical charms for centuries. With the characters of the Norse Elder Futhark alphabet carved into the stones, each 24 crystal set is a beautiful way to explore the mysterious and uncover new insights.

Joy, Empowerment, Good Fortune
Sunstone is a stone of joy, optimism and empowerment, with a profound connection to the sun's regenerative energy. It helps transmute heavy emotions, lift depression, discard victim-hood and dispel codependency. It dissolves 'hooks,' gently returning the energy to the source. A stone of luck and good fortune, it encourages you to nurture yourself and allows your authentic spirit to shine through.

Each set of stones comes with a black velvet drawstring bag.

Stone dimensions are approx. 1/2" x 1/2".

Photo is representative. We work intuitively with the stones to help us to choose the perfect set for you.

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