Lapis Rune Stones


There is a sense of esoteric wisdom in runes, which have been used for divination or magical charms for centuries. With the characters of the Norse Elder Futhark alphabet carved into the stones, each 25 crystal set (including a blank) is a beautiful way to explore the mysterious and uncover new insights.

Lapis Lazuli Enlightenment, Peace, Awareness

Lapis Lazuli stimulates your personal and spiritual power. A protective, enlightening stone, it opens the third eye and enhances dream work and psychic abilities. It releases stress and channels deep peace. This stone teaches the power of the spoken word, reveals inner truths, and encourages self-awareness and self-expression.

Each stone measures approximately 0.5" -to- 0.67" and the set weighs approximately 170g.

Photo is representative. Each set is naturally unique and sold seperatly. Rock Mama works intuitively to choose the set for you.

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