Green Aventurine Rune Stones


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Balance your heart Chakra with these Green Aventurine Rune Stones.

There is a sense of esoteric wisdom in runes, which have been used for divination or magical charms for centuries. With the characters of the Norse Elder Futhark alphabet carved into the stones, each 24 crystal set is a beautiful way to explore the mysterious and uncover new insights.

Green Aventurine Prosperity, Health, Good Fortune
Green Aventurine is a healing stone that attracts prosperity and good fortune. It is a heart healer and comforter that brings a sense of peace and well-being. This stone also diffuses negative situations and helps turn them around. It encourages good health and positive energy. Green Aventurine helps you heal and protects your heart.

Each set of stones comes with a lovely black velvet bag to store them in.

Photo is representative. Each set is naturally unique and sold separately. We work intuitively with the stones to choose the perfect set for you.

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