Rhodonite Tower


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Feel the gentle support of your emotions with this Rhodonite Tower. Known for being the heart healer, Rhodonite offers a great deal of help to those dealing with grief, and works to teach us self-love and acceptance.

Rhodonite: Heart-Healing, Emotional Support, Forgiveness

Rhodonite brings comfort and healing to emotional wounds, balancing the emotions and lending support to the soul during times of grief. It embodies the same loving, comforting, supportive energy as the presence of a friend or lover. It has a strong resonance with forgiveness and helps you learn to access self-love and acceptance.

Each piece measures approximately:

Offering A: 1.75" x 1.5" x 3.25", 258g

Offering C:  1.75" x 1.5" x 4.25", 357g


You will receive the exact item pictured for the offering style that you select.

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