Rainbow Moonstone Top-Polished Point


Our top-polished points showcase crystals in all their glory - they're mostly natural and rough, with a polished point. You get the best of both worlds! These Rainbow Moonstone points feature Black Tourmaline inclusions, adding a bit of divine protective energy to each piece.

RAINBOW MOONSTONE: New Beginnings, Protection, Purification

Moonstone and Tourmaline is a protective combination that carries both uplifting feminine energy and grounding masculine energy. The result is a calming and balancing vibration that promotes a heart-centered way of being. It purifies the aura and helps align mind, body, and spirit. The combination of Moonstone and Tourmaline offers protection, encouragement, and support during times of change.

Sold individually, each piece is approximately 2.75" - 2.5" tall.

Photo is representative. Each piece is a unique treasure, and we work intuitively with the stones to choose the one for you.

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