Quartz with Tourmaline Sphere


Integrate your spiritual and grounding energies into one with this Quartz with Tourmaline sphere. The combination of Quartz and Tourmaline allows you to protect yourself and remain connected to the Earth while also connecting to the Divine and opening your mind to new possibilities.

Tourmaline in Quartz: Balance, Protection, Integration

Tourmaline in Quartz embodies the energies of both Quartz and Tourmaline: healing, cleansing, protection, balance, connection to divine spirit. This combination is excellent for neutralizing psychic attack, strengthening the person on the receiving end, and enhancing their well-being. This stone facilitates acceptance and integration of your shadow into your whole personality.

This piece measures approximately: 

55mm -to- 58mm in diameter, 253g -to- 300g.

Your sphere will come with a clear plastic sphere stand.

Photos are representative of the color and quality of the stones. Each piece is naturally unique and sold individually. Rock Mama works intuitively to select the one intended for you. 

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