Pink Kunzite Specimens


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A healing balm for the soul, Pink Kunzite is quite a special crystal to have in your collection. It is absolutely beautiful, and seems to glow with its divine, high vibration energy. 

Kunzite is a spiritual and protective crystal that enlivens our heart center and connects us to universal love. It creates a shield that dispels and repels harmful energies, and strengthens our own energetic field. Kunzite radiates peace and facilitates a deep meditative state, even for those who may have difficulty entering meditation. Kunzite opens us to introspection. Helping to clear emotional debris and baggage, it supports us in addressing our personal issues and making way for a loving, heart-centered life.

Each piece of Pink Kunzite comes in a specimen container for safekeeping.

Size/Weight Approx:

Specimen A: 1.5" / 36g
Specimen B: .8" / 20g
Specimen C: .8" / 16g
Specimen D: 1.2" / 36g
Specimen E: .9" / 14g
Specimen F: 1.1" / 26g
Specimen G: 1" / 16g
Specimen H: 1.4" / 26g
Specimen I: 1.5"/ 26g
Specimen J: 2" / 65g

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