Peace Jade | Sacred Symbols Infinity Loop Amulet


Handcrafted in California by artisans, our beautiful Peace Jade Infinity Loop Amulet is part of the Sacred Symbols series by Stone Circle Studio.

More about the Infinity Loop: The infinity loop is an ancient symbol found in many cultures around the world. It represents eternity, and illustrates the crisscrossing paths of life. It also represents the eternal union between people: partners, friends and families. The triple loop also brings in the sacred number three, which has many references, including: Mind, Body and Spirit, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and the Celtic Maiden, Mother and Crone. 

More about Peace Jade: Guidance, Tranquility, Healing
Peace Jade is a protective stone that combines Green Serpentine (Regeneration, Guidance, Healing), Lavender Stichtite (Compassion, Tranquility, Open-mindedness), and White Quartz (Healing, Clarity, Focus). The overall effect is a gentle, comforting presence that increases intuitive abilities. Peace Jade inspires peace and serenity.

*Hand shown for scale. Comes on an adjustable 16" - 32" waxed cord necklace. 

*Weight shown upon check-out is approximate and may include the weight of shipping materials.

*Photo is representative. Rock Mama works intuitively to send the one intended for you.

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