Moss Agate Tower


Embrace the natural beauty of this Moss Agate tower. Each stone is a unique creation designed by Mother Nature. We love Moss Agate for its healing and inspirational qualities. Use this piece on your journey to self-discovery or self-healing, and you cannot go wrong.

Moss Agate: Prosperity, Peace, Health

Moss Agate offers many gifts. It is s a stabilizing stone that helps balance emotions, relieving stress and fears. Known as a birthing crystal, it supports midwives in their work, helping to ease pain and ensure a healthy delivery. Deeply healing, it supports both emotional and physical health, facilitates healing and helps speed recovery. Moss Agate attracts good fortune and abundance and refreshes the soul. It inspires hope, trust and belief in your dreams and ideals.

We're excited to have several sizes of these beauties to offer.
All sizes and weights are approximate.

Small: 3 1/4" tall, 60g

Large: 3 1/2" tall, 87g

Moss Agate has a wide range of colors and patterns within it (some even have Druzy pockets!), and our hope is to show that range with our photos. Each tower is a completely unique treasure. We work intuitively with the stones to help us to choose the perfect one for you.

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