Moroccan Crystal Tower


Invite balance to your mind, body, and spirit with this Moroccan Crystal Tower. The crisp snowy white is accented by icy little pockets and caves of Druzy, giving this tower a wintery kind of magic.

Moroccan Crystal: Confidence, Growth, Balance

Moroccan Crystal also goes by its trade name, Snow Agate. Agate is a grounding stone that balances the mind, body, and spirit. It heals the heart of past wounds and encourages perseverance. This stone facilitates self-acceptance, helping us be our most authentic selves. It also deflects anger and negativity. Agate leads you to a path of personal and spiritual growth.

We have a couple of sizes to choose from, and the approximate measurements of each option are: 

A: 1" x 2.5" -to- 4", 55g -to- 79g

B: 4.5" x 1", 80g -to- 100g

Photos are representative. Each piece is naturally unique and sold individually. Rock Mama works intuitively to select the one intended for you. 

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