Green Malachite Freeform


Only 1 piece in stock!

Invite healing energies into your life with a Malachite Freeform. The bold shades of green and signature swirls and circles of Malachite make it as interesting visually as it is energetically. 

Malachite: Healing, Guidance, Love

A powerful grounding and protective stone that amplifies energy, Malachite absorbs negative energy and guards against radiation and pollution. It helps you receive spiritual guidance and insight from your subconscious; it opens your heart to love. Some people believe Malachite is evolving into one of the most important healing stones.

We have a lovely selection to choose from, and their approximate measurements are:

Offering A: 3" x 2" , 260g.

Offering B: 2" x 3", 260g. 

Offering C: 5" x 3", 360g.

Offering D: 4" x 3.5", 490g.

You will receive the exact item pictured for the offering that you select.

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