Loose Incense Spells


Each loose leaf incense spell comes in your choice of Love, Healing or Abundance. Their scents are absolutely intoxicating!

How it Works: The first thing to remember is this is natural magic, not supernatural magic. It requires effort on your part for the spell to work. You may burn this loose incense over a charcoal tab, place in a sachet or bowl to use as potpourri, or mix in a bowl with steaming hot water. Place your head over the bowl and cover with a towel. Take deep breaths. Reflect and relax with the magical steam.

Abundance Spell Loose Incense: Cinnamon, Chamomile, Ginger

"May this home and this heart find the abundance it seeks, as well as the abundance it doesn't seek. May this incense remind those who inhale its scent of their goals and of the most important things in life. May they be inspired to work for their dreams and be humbled by their blessings. So mote it be."

Love Spell Loose Incense: Rose Buds, Orange Peel, Juniper Berries

"May this home and this heart be filled with love - love of self, love of friends, and love of family. May this incense remind those who inhale its scent of the beauty around them and their own beauty within. May they be filled with gratitude for the warm light of love that envelops them. So mote it be."

Healing Spell Loose Incense: Lavender, Angelica Root, Sage

"May this home and this heart be healed from all pain, both physical and emotional. May this incense remind those who inhale its scent of the blessings they have and give them strength to carry on. May they release any anger or fear. May each day be brighter than the last. So mote it be."

Approx 3" x 1" tin.

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