Llanite Dragon Skull


Experience optimism and connection with an Llanite Dragon Skull. With their speckled mix of greys, pinks, and blues, these dragons are as pretty as they are fierce!

Llanite (Trade name: Que Sera): Optimism, Trust, Connection

Llanite boosts and uplifts energy, helping clear negative emotions, allowing us to shift focus from past wounds to find practical solutions, and renewing our trust in the universe. As a stone of connection and harmony, Llanite facilitates healthy relationship between individuals. It also helps integrate the physical and psychic realms, helping our higher, intuitive self to overcome and discard obstacles rooted in the past, and to make wise decisions regarding our future course.

Each piece measures approximately: 
1" x 2", 40g

Photo is representative of the color and quality of the stones. Each piece is naturally unique and sold separately. Rock Mama works intuitively to send the one intended for you. 

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