Lepidolite Bracelet, 4mm Round Beads


Find stability and clarity with this Lepidolite Bracelet. With a lovely mauve tone, and  dainty 4mm size, it's perfect for mixing with other bracelets in your collection.

Lepidolite Emotional Balance, Clarity, Independence

A cleansing stone that clears blockages and brings cosmic awareness, Lepidolite is a powerful stone for relieving depression, reducing stress and calming obsessive thought patterns. It absorbs and clears electromagnetic pollution, and can be placed on computers to absorb their emanations. It encourages independence and helps you achieve your goals.

Made with 4mm round beads. Fits a 7" wrist comfortably.

Photos are representative. Each bracelet is naturally unique and sold individually. We work intuitively to choose the perfect one for you.

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