Hydrogrossular Garnet Power Point


Manifest abundance in your life with this Hydrogrossular Garnet Power Point. The rich green of this stone will remind you of the fresh possibilities of spring all year round. A power point is also the ideal way to focus the energy offered by the Hydrogrossular Green Garnet. 

Green Garnet: Manifestation, Abundance, Heart

Green Garnet shares the heart Chakra energy that characterizes all Garnets Garnet brings vitality, steadfastness and courage to situation of the heart. They help cleanse and balance the emotions of the heart, offering serenity of passion, as needed. Green Garnet is a stone of abundance in all things - Finance, opportunity, creativity, love, heath, well-being. It is also a stone of Manifestation, helping us ground our visions in reality and supporting us with the motivation and courage to achieve our dreams. 

Each piece measures approximately:

1.75" -to- 2" x 1.5" -to- 1.75", 150g -to- 220g

Photo is representative of the color and quality of the stones. Each piece is naturally unique and sold individually. Rock Mama works intuitively to select the one intended for you. 

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