Hematite Mala


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Take this mala in your hands and let it's protective grounding energy ease anxiety and stress. Allow it to help clear your mind and facilitate the flow of peaceful, healing energy through your system. Made of 8mm beads, the mala is approximately 30" long, not including the tassel.

Mala is a Sanskrit word for 'meditation garland.' Malas date back 3000 years to India, with roots in Hinduism and Buddhism. Prayer beads are common across many religious and spiritual practices, facilitating meditation and helping the devout count their prayers.

Hematite is a protective stone that harmonizes the mind, body and spirit. It grounds the soul. It helps dissolve negativity and blocks negative energy from entering your aura. Hematite promotes the flow of peace, abundance, and fortune. It can aid in concentration, enhance memory and original thought, and help reduce physical pain.

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