Courage Intention Bracelet Set


Courage is often associated with great acts of bravery or transformation. Courage can also be less flamboyant, deeply internal, and evident of quiet strength. Our bracelet set offering of crystals work with your lower chakras to give you a solid foundation, the stamina and strength of will to face the big challenges that come your way, but also the courage to go ahead and live a life based on your own truth, dealing with those day-to-day demons we all know so well.

HematiteBalance, Grounding, Protection

Hematite is a protective stone that harmonizes the mind, body and spirit. It grounds the soul. It helps dissolve negativity and blocks negative energy from entering your aura. Hematite promotes the flow of peace, abundance, and fortune. It can aid in concentration, enhance memory and original thought, and help reduce physical pain.

Red Jasper Justice, Boundaries, Insight

Red jasper is a grounding stone that rectifies unjust situations. It is gently stimulating and can provide insight into the most difficult situations by clarifying problems early. This stone makes an excellent worry bead as it can significantly calm emotions. Red Jasper cleans and stabilizes your aura and strengthens your boundaries.

Smoky QuartzSerenity, Strength, Peace

Smoky Quartz is an amazing stress reliever. It grounds and anchors but also calls in high vibration energy to cleanse and fortify our resolve. It releases fear and fear of failure. Smoky Quartz clears blockages to allow your passions and energy to flow freely. It helps identify and release that which no longer serves. 

Size/Weight Approx: Fits 7" Wrist Comfortably / 50g

Photo is representative. Rock Mama works intuitively to send the one intended for you.

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