Chevron Amethyst Tower


Dissolve negativity and find guidance with this Chevron Amethyst Tower. This stunning tower will look wonderful in any space it is set in. The energy emenating from the Amethyst can aid in your spiritual journey by encouraging peace and serenity. 

Amethyst: Guidance, Protection, Decision-Making

Amethyst is a protective stone that transforms negative energy into love, enhances intuition and aids connection to the Divine. It increases peace and serenity and heightens meditation and prayer. This stone promotes love, psychic gifts, and intuitive dreams. Amethyst assists in overcoming addictions and making wise decisions. 

This piece measures at approximately:

Offering A: 3" -to- 3.5" x 1", 85g -to- 100g

Offering B: 3.5" -to- 4.5" x 1" -to- 1.25", 120g -to- 140g

Photos are representative of the color and quality of the stones.  Each piece is naturally unique and sold individually. Rock Mama works intuitively to select the one for you. 

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