Amethyst Druzy Candle Holder


Improve your decision making with this Amethyst Druzy candle holder. We are obsessed with this piece for its rich, deep purples and gleaming crystal points. Amethyst is a force to be reckoned with for its ability to overcome obstacles and heighten the consciousness. 

Amethyst: Guidance, Protection, Decision Making

Amethyst is a protective stone that transforms negative energy into love, enhances intuition and aids connection to the Divine. It increases peace and serenity and heightens meditation and prayer. Amethyst assists in overcoming addictions and making wise decisions. 

Crystal Druzy: Healing, Positive Energy, Higher-Self

Druzy is a set of tiny crystals of minerals that form on the surface of larger rocks. Crystal Druzy is a powerful healer and energy amplifier. It energizes all levels of consciousness and clears negative energies. Druzy enhances communication with the higher self and spirit guides. It stimulates, clears and balances all your chakras.

Hand shown for scale. This piece measures approximately:

4.75" -to- 6" x 3.75" -to- 4.25", 530g -to- 1020g

Photos are representative. Each piece is naturally unique and sold individually. Rock Mama works intuitively to select the one intended for you. 

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