Malachite Bracelet


Our Malachite bracelet is the embodiment of all that is breathtaking and fabulous about this stone. You can almost feel it pulling the negativity from your body, as it helps you to feel energized and ready to face the day. Each and every bead is a tiny work of art making it a unique gift from the earth. Our hope is that Malachite will help to open your heart, and bring you all of the love you deserve. 

Malachite: Healing, Guidance, Love

A powerful grounding and protective stone that amplifies energy, Malachite absorbs negative energy and guards against radiation and pollution. It helps you receive spiritual guidance and insight from your subconscious; it opens your heart to love. Some people believe Malachite is evolving into one of the most important healing stones.

The beads are 8mm round, and the stretchy bracelet fits a 7" wrist comfortably.

Photos are representative of the range of gorgeous green tones these bracelets can have. Each piece is a unique treasure. We will work intuitively to choose the bracelet that is meant for you.

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