Peridot Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver


Take an aura shower with these Peridot earrings. Helping to clear and cleanse your energy field, moving you to a more confident state of being. Not to mention their polished cut unique striking green color is unique making these earrings individual like you! 

Peridot: Cleansing, Inspiration, Growth. Peridot is a protective stone that cleanses both the emotional and physical bodies. It opens the heart and releases negative patterns and old vibrations. This stone inspires change and motivation towards personal growth and self-confidence. It assists in detaching from external negative influences. Peridot helps you move onward and forward gracefully.

Size/Weight Approx: 

Princess: .2" x .2" / 2g
Teardrop: .3" x .2" / 2g
Oval:. 3" x .2" / 2g

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