Unicorn Tea Light Holder


This lovable, quirky Unicorn is made of metal, with colorful designs and cutouts that let the light flicker and shine through. There is a flap near the rear for placing a tea light (or small LED light) inside. Isn't this such a cute and magical way to add a pop of color to your decor? 

These Unicorns are handmade and hand painted, so please allow for minor variations in their painted design- after all, part of their appeal is that they're handcrafted and each one is a totally unique treasure.

Their approximate dimensions are: 8" x 3" x 5 1/2".

*A word of caution: The top will get hot when the candle is lit. If being placed on a surface instead of hung be sure to place a protective cover on your furniture. These are not toys and should be kept away from children.

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