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A Space for Your Spirit to Soar

Our vision: We envision a sacred space that nurtures connection to spirit, creativity, authentic expression, personal discovery, and soul-inspired play. We see a place where people can gather and explore new interests and deepen their skills in long held passions. We want to create a beautiful and peaceful place that becomes a stable resource to the community. 

 We are excited to invite and partner with talented teachers and practitioners across a vibrant spectrum of interests that are in alignment with the metaphysical and spiritual foundations of Rock Mama Gallery. Our beautiful studio space offers 1,400 square feet of classroom/studio space perfect for meditation, art, tarot, astrology, drum making, and a myriad of other potential offerings.

If you can see yourself sharing your passions in our beautiful, high-vibration space, please send an email to with a bit of information about your offering, background, and experience. We will be in touch as soon as we can and ask for your patience as we get this new endeavor off the ground.

Opening a community space like this has been a closely held vision and dream for many years, we want to ensure that it remains open and available as a learning space for the community for the long term. To do that it must be sustainable and financially sound. At the same time, we understand that teachers must be compensated fairly for their time and expertise. Thus, we have put a lot of careful thought into a payment structure for renting the space that supports this balance.


Our fee structure for 2023 will be:

 $35/hour for weekday events with a 3-hour minimum

$45/hour for weekend events with a 4 hour minimum

4-hour weekend bookings may be made from 10:00am – 2:00pm and/or 3:00-7:00pm.

Longer weekend days may be booked for a 6-hour minimum. Weekend fees will be capped at an 8-hours maximum (longer classes may be booked with approval).

Looking to do a longer event or two days? Ask about the 8 hour plus discount.


Below are two examples of how this payment structure might work.


Weekend Class Example (charging $100 per person):

10 attendees @ 100ea                         =$1000

6 hours rental fee @ 45/hr                  = -$270

Teacher’s earnings                              =  $730


Weekday Class Example (charging $25 per person):

12 attendees @ $35                         =  $420

3 hours rental fee@$35/hr              = -$105

Teacher’s earnings                          =  $270


To book an event, we do require a credit card on file for the following securities:


Cleaning: Your rental hours must include the time you need for all set-up, tear-down, and cleaning of the space so that it is left in the same condition you found it, including sweeping, furniture placement, dishes and kitchen cleaned, bathroom clean, garbage emptied, etc.

So far, our teachers have been considerate and never needed to pay a cleaning fee. But should we need to cover these tasks with our employee time, you will be charged $100 an hour.


Class Cancellations: It is the responsibility of our teachers to advertise their classes and bring in students. If you're just starting out, and don't have an established following, your first classes may be super small. We ask that classes with 3 or more sign-ups not be cancelled. We will do our best to communicate about how sign ups are going to determine if we need to try cancelling and rescheduling.  


Teachers are responsible to provide all class supplies, or have students bring their own.


Our learning community is still in the growing stages as our customers discover our classes.

Teachers are responsible for promoting thier classes, our efforts alone are not enough to fill your class! 

We will list the information for your class on this website. We display information about your classes in our store but you will need to bring in flyers (and it is highly recommended that you spread those flyers in other places your potential class goers might visit). We create a Calendar list of classes available to our customers and we send our email blasts about classes every two weeks. 

We collect class fees that will be paid out when the classroom rental fee is paid. Teachers may sell tickets on other sites such as Eventbrite and AllEvents and it is encouraged as a way to get higher visibility for your class in the search engines. Don't forget to share all of your social media and website information too. Teaching in our space is a way to grow your business and share your passions.

We are looking forward to meeting you and learning about your offerings. We hope Rock Mama Studio can seed light and love in the Sacramento community for many years to come.


Bright Blessings,

Suzanne and Toni

Your Host

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Chris Reyes is the Classroom Coordinator for the Studio. Please email to get more information or arrange to see the space and see if your class offering is a match for Rock Mama Studio.
Availability is Monday-Friday before 4pm