Manifesting Through Collage

What do you really want and need to be your best version of yourself? Let's Manifest it!


$35.00 – $50.00 per person


3h 30min


June 2nd, 10:00am-1:30pm

About this experience

Spend time in Sacred Space combining your soul intentions, focused energy, and the magic of collage using images and language of your choosing to create a visual map representing your goals, desires, and dreams for the year ahead. The key to manifestation lies in focusing your vital energy on very specific, well-developed desires. The clearer your focus and stronger your belief that your goals are for your greatest good, the more likely your manifestation will transpire. However, while specifics are necessary in a broad sense, a basic rule of positive energy work (which some call magic!) is we cannot impose our desires on other individuals without their permission. Bear this in mind as you work through what you truly desire.

To prepare, think about what you really want and need to be your best self living your highest potential. Be specific and detailed! For instance, rather than vaguely stating, “I need a better paying job,” think about how your work could bless your life. What sort of work brings you joy and creativity? Do you like working with people, and if so, in what role? Do you like physical labor, or are you more of a desk person who utilizes your brain power? Are you willing to move to get this great job (which also pays what you feel you deserve—again, be specific!), or are you committed to staying in your present location? Start big with your top desires for your life. These could include relationships, health, wealth, traveling, work, home life or location, spiritual goals, or whatever else you value. Once you have the larger concepts, start filling in the details. Brainstorm and take notes!

While you’re establishing what you want to manifest this year, begin collecting images or written words that represent your desires (which you can create yourself or find in magazines, brochures, and other written materials). Bring these images and anything that strikes your fancy (glitter, feathers, dried flowers, ribbons, small crystals, etc.) with you to the class where we will combine our energy for the mutual manifestation of our desires.

I will provide poster boards, glue sticks, scissors, colored pens, and any magazines I have on hand. Please bring your personal creative materials, energy, and the desires of your heart!

Class size: The class is limited to 20 people, so sign up early!

Your Host

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I’ve been working with energy and personal manifestation for several decades. I’m a seeker of wisdom and an eclectic solitary witch with roots in Reclaiming. I’ve studied shamanism for the past decade, drumming, journeying, and learning with my spiritual allies. I believe we all can manifest when we home in on the power of clarifying our true desires and setting our powerful, personal energy behind bringing our dreams to fruition.