Explore the World of Tea & Magic with Jenay Marontate

Get your book signed and learn about tea leaf reading. All you can drink tea, 2 free samples and a tea leaf reading instructional booklet included.


$45.00 per person




August 11th, 10:30am-1:30pm

About this experience

Topics and Highlights:

  • Understanding the origins of tea
  • Learn the difference between the teas
  • Learn how to brew the perfect cup or pot
  • Explore the health benefits of drinking tea
  • Tour the world of magic: how to incorporate tea into your daily rituals, meditation, mantras and spell craft.

What to Bring:

  • Please bring a teacup that is light or white on the inside
  • A notebook and pen

Class Includes:

  • All the tea you can drink
  • A mini personal tea leaf reading
  • 2 free sample teas to practice reading at home
  • A tea leaf reading instructional booklet

Meet Jenay Marontate, Author of: Tea Magic

Get your copy signed! Join Jenay as she shares the secrets of tea magic, tea leaf reading, water scrying and how to explore and work with your inner sight.

The book, Tea Magic, covers different types of teas, how to brew the perfect cup, how tea can keep you strong, healthy and vibrant. Tea meditation and tea mantras for center, focus and calming the body, mind and spirit.

Planning is also in the works for an 'Intermediate class on tea' (beginners welcome too!) in October 19th, 2:30pm-5:30pm. So mark your calendars for both events!


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Are you a fan of Kitchen Witch Tea? Meet the woman behind the tea as she talks about her book Tea Magic.
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