Rainbow Fluorite Tower, Large


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When working with electronics all day, Fluorite is a great stone to keep nearby as it helps combat the stress with being on screens all day. Each tower is a unique treasure that shows off the lines and colors in Fluorite. These pieces have a vivid color scheme of greens, purples and white.

Fluorite: Protection, Stress Reduction, Discipline

Fluorite is a protective stone that cleanses all types of negative energy, including computer and electromagnetic stress. This stone reduces stress and quickens spiritual awakening. It inspires progress towards your life goals and is an excellent learning aid. Fluorite helps incorporate structure and discipline into your daily life.

There are variations in size and shaped from tower to tower, but their average sizes are approximately: 4 1/4" -to- 4 1/2" tall, 220g -to- 250g.

The photos represent the color range and quality of the stones. We'll work with the ancient knowledge of the stones to choose the tower for you.

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