Aura Photo Readings

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Daily, 20 min sessions $25.00 Call Store for appointments

About this experience

Our special $25.00 price has been extended beyond the Anniversary week! ($35.00 value)

Please call the store if you wish to schedule ahead or ask when we have a reader available! (10am-6pm Monday- Sunday)

Rock Mama Gallery (916)869-9154 

Rock Mama Gallery has an Aura Camera Room!

As with all things, technology has advanced and so have the ways in which we can view the Aura. We are super excited to now offer this service with some of the latest in Aura Reading software!

  • Feeling low and not sure why?
  • Experiencing a Glow-up and want to see how it's showing in your aura?
  • Just curious to see what it's all about?

This twenty-minute session includes a tumbled stone for working with the chakra of your choice and a six page color printout of your aura photo & full body, visual representation of your chakra system with details about your aura at the time of the photo recording.

We will go over the charts that show your stress levels, the current balance of your yin & yang (feminine & masculine) aspects and the current state of your auric field and individual chakras. We will help you gauge where you are and gain insight into how to bring more balance and energy into your life.  

Readings are being scheduled in store only (until we figure out the best way to manage our signs ups)

Special price of $25.00 ($35.00 value) started during our 4th Anniversary, we are keeping this introductory price for a while longer!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?

With the use of a biofeedback device, connected to a computer and our aura camera, your electromagnetic field is read through the pulses from meridian points on your left hand. The software interprets this information and generates the representations of your aura. These pulses translate to the frequency of the colors in our aura and chakras. Aura photography captures only a moment in time.



Aura, Auric field, Electromagnetic field (EMF): The energy body that surrounds and permeates our physical bodies.

Meridians: Much like our circulatory system and endocrine system, think of these ley lines as the energetic system. Our chakras are situated at points where many of these lines connect. We have many smaller vortices, including the palms of our hands and the arches of our feet. Acupuncture and Acupressure use points along meridians to affect the flow of energy in blocked areas.    

Your Host

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Rock Mama Gallery was a childhood dream made reality for sisters; Suzanne and Toni. With each anniversary year our store has grown. From expanding the space and variety of products we carry, adding a website and wonderfully curated Live Sales on Thursday evenings, to opening a Studio space for teachers and small events in our community.
This year now launches the Aura Camera room and another building across the street for the Rock Mama's Healing Center and Crystal Temple.