Akashic Records Class

Tap into your 'Book of Life' for; information, past life recall for clients and guidance

About this experience

The Akashic records stores information from past lives, present lives, thoughts, and even future
events. Every soul has their own book. In this class, you will learn the technique that takes you
to the “Library of information” for you and your clients to gather information on what’s holding
you back, a current situation, or to see a past life.
I will walk you through the steps to prepare yourself to receive this knowledge. This information
is stored in the 5th dimension, so it is necessary to enter the space in a clear, high vibrational
You will go home with information and practice techniques.

Your Host

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Welcome, my name is Elizabeth Saposnek and I am a Reiki Practitioner, Master
Teacher, Intuitive Medium, Soul Contract Reader and QHHT Practitioner. I have always
had a profound fondness for all things crystal and Chakra related. As a small child, I
knew that we could heal ourselves with intention. My mother had always said that “I was
born with a gift.” I had healed myself after an undiagnosed illness at a young age. I
utilized my intuition along with self-trust, and I BELIEVED that I would be fine. I was
then sent home from the hospital after living there for a month.
I was introduced to “Reiki energy healing”, and that’s when I knew this Is what I have
always been waiting for; it was an awakening for me. Since learning Reiki, I have
volunteered to help terminally ill individuals in hospice programs, assisting them in their
“transitioning” period. This is a beautiful process, which takes place by helping them
reach a sense of peace and inner- healing.
I believe that it is my personal mission to help people receive and accept more love,
balance, and healing into their life, mind, body, and soul.