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Tarot, Astrology, Intuitive Readers available in our store. Tarot Reading prices: 20 minutes: $25.00, 40 minutes: $50.00, 60 minutes: $75.00


FREE per person


6h  –  8h


Friday-Sunday varies by reader availability

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 Readings are NOT FREE. By creating this listing we are subject to the web template for classes. Because we have not set up payment through this listing, the template thinks that the readings are free; they are not. Booking online will not get you a spot. All bookings must be made through the store.

Readings must be scheduled In person (walk-ins) or by phone with Rock Mama (916) 869-9154

Payment will be collected by reader at time of reading.

Late arrivals: A 5 minute grace period will be accommodated for late arrivals. Late arrival of more than 5 minutes will be accommodated at reader’s discretion and may be subject to additional wait time if their reserved time has been filled with a walk-in reading


20 minutes: $25.00

40 minutes: $50.00

60 minutes: $75.00  


About the Readers (see schedule of readers below):


Andrew House

Andrew House has been a professional intuitive guide, channeler, and tarot reader for over 3 years. Prior to that, he worked in leadership, education, and coaching and is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach. It took an awakening experience for him to realize the intuition and abilities he had been aware of since childhood were calling him to a new path of service. Now, he works to connect people to their higher selves and their Divine support team through intuitive channeling and tarot. He values creating a safe space for all to be able to seek their truth."
Please follow Andrew on IG at hey_uncle_drew and check out his website at https://


Snobee Tarot & Astrology

Snobee (snow-bee) is an Astrologer and Tarot reader with an affinity for uncovering life's truths and bringing them to the fore. A seer since childhood, Snobee's path has always been bound towards esotericism. With a decade of study and practice in astrology, Snobee expanded into Tarot 4 years ago. With each reading, session, and conversation, Snobee's goal is to cast light on the shadows in the querent's life and empower them to manifest their purpose in the material world. Snobee offers both astrology and tarot readings. Snobee's astrology services include highlighted natal, compatibility, and transit/dasa readings. Her tarot services include predictive and investigative readings, along with "yes or no" readings that prove far more detailed than the simple answer would indicate. 

You can find more of her services and work on her website: or her youtube: @snobee1. Please follow her on IG and TikTok at @snobeespurewonder


Astrology with Clare of StillWaterWitch

Clare is an Evolutionary Astrology, ceremonialism, folk witch, and educator. She specializes in supporting the spiritually-curious reawaken their magick through cultivating a ritual embodiment practice, reconnecting with Ancestral ways, and healing relationship to the Earth. 

Clare’s astrological practice is rooted in Evolutionary Astrology, a modern branch of astrology predicated on the idea that our birthchart acts as a map to guide us towards our Soul’s highest evolution in this lifetime. Through its study, we more deeply understand our karmic shadows and unresolved wounds, our strengths and power that support us in actualizing our Highest Potential, the challenging experiences and invitation for healing that we will encounter throughout this lifetime, as well as the gifts we’re here to share with the Collective in these transformational times. 
You can learn more about Clare’s offerings at , on IG and TikTok @stillwaterwitch 
20 Minute Readings
Primal Triad reading (Sun, Moon, Rising)
New and Full Moon readings
Transit readings
60 Minute Readings // requires 24-hour notice
Soul’s Evolution Reading
Karmic Past Reading


Astarte is a seasoned tarot reader, Dreamworker, Holistic Psychotherapist, and trained Intentional Creativity teacher. For over three decades, Astarte has been on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, guiding seekers towards profound insights and transformative healing through various modalities. In addition to her tarot offerings, Astarte brings a wealth of experience as a Holistic Psychotherapist, seamlessly blending counseling skills with mystical practices. Through this holistic approach, Astarte supports clients in navigating life’s challenges and finding clarity on their journey towards wholeness. Whether seeking guidance, healing, or creative inspiration, Astarte accompanies you on your journey towards self-discovery and transformation. 

Nick Forgac

I am Nicholas Forgac and have been studying and reading tarot cards for over 20 years! I began my studies at 9 years old, and from the origin I have been deepening my spiritual knowledge and skills. I consider myself a channel for the spirit world to speak and communicate with the physical world. Through my readings I facilitate the processes of self actualization and psychological development. I also have experience in energy healing and aiding people in ritual to support their lives and encourage their spiritual journey. 

Schedule of Readers:


10a-2p Andrew House

2p-6p Astarte


10a-2p Andrew House

10a-2p (Astrology), 2p-6p (Tarot) Snobee 


10a-2p Clare Van Holm -Astrology

10a-6p Andrew House


We are still in the process of scheduling new readers, be sure to check back for more information and updates later!


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Slight changes to the weekly schedule of readers so make sure to check with the store or watch our facebook for the updates!
Readings to be done in the back room of our Store.