Creating Spirit Masks

Build a Spirit Mask Ally to help Manifest your Intentions


$88.00 – $111.00 per person




August 18th, 2:00-6:00pm

About this experience

Joshua created this unique spiritual tool after their mother mentioned that she needed faces for the intention dolls that she makes with people. She asked that they would have their own unique intentions in them to inspire, encourage, empower and to connect with.

The very first batch was comprised of 72 masks. The number of Solomon's wisdoms. That was the birth of these beautiful energetic partners.

In this class you will make your very own Spirit Mask to place intentions into and to be a Partner in Manifestation. With Joshua's guidance we will breath life into them, unlocking theirs and your inner powers.

For the class you will need: to bring any small decorations or items that you may want to include into your mask; to bring ideas of what you want your intentions for this mask to be. Keep in mind, these spirit masks are designed to be smaller for altar, doll, and grid work. So when bringing your items to possibly decorate them with, make sure they are able to fit on something palm sized or smaller.

All other materials will be provided to Create your Spirit Masks.

Your Host

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Joshua Frederick has been practicing energetic & spiritual healing/work since childhood. A Two-Spirit of the Menominee Nation, Joshua’s indigenous name is Wāpananah enoh Kēsoq Anāh (The MorningStar and Moon Star), which illustrates the two spiritual aspects that empower and balance the being that Joshua embodies. With just over 30 years of experience they have studied and practiced spirituality from many sources to perfect their own unique style of traditional native medicine & unique mysticism.