Crystals for Challenging Times

As I write this, my first ever blog, it is September 2020.  The United States sits with the uneasy presence of the Coronavirus every day, our country is in civil upheaval, and many individuals and small businesses struggle to survive financially.

So, as I slipped quietly into meditation I asked the stones who wanted to come forward?  What crystals want to come to our aid in these challenging times?  

As always, the rocks were quick and generous in their response.  The crystals were adamant about wanting to provide us with serenity and calm, peace and love, healing, grounding and protection.  The three stones below are deeply passionate about their desire to help during this crazy time, so I will use this space to tell parts of their stories.


Most people are familiar with Amethyst.  In fact, I often notice people searching for rarer, harder to find stones and missing this powerful and outrageously beautiful gift from the earth.  Amethyst is extremely protective at the energetic level.  It acts like a shield guarding us from people and situations that are draining our energy. It is a master at transmuting negative energies aimed at us, or that are already within our own energy systems, to the frequency of love.  Amethyst offers strong healing energy, boosting our immune systems and supporting both the respiratory and digestive systems.  It also helps us to sleep deeply and restoratively and will often bring intuitive and informative dreams.  On a practical level, Amethyst helps us make good decisions, combining common sense with intuition and clear insight into the situations before us.  And so very important when times are uneasy, Amethyst enhances our connection to the Divine, helping us to receive guidance and encouraging us to act from our hearts and souls.


Selenite is another powerful choice for 2020.  Connecting to Selenite is like wrapping oneself in a soft blanket of pure serenity. It is like being held in an embrace of white angel wings, strong and soft at the same time.  Selenite brings a deep sense of peace and clears the body of stress and anxiety. It helps us to find the calm and clarity we need to navigate these times cleanly. Selenite is a powerful aid to connecting with angelic and guardian energies and to being open to receive their guidance. In terms of healing, Selenite purifies our energetic systems, helps with respiratory issues like coughing, relieves pain and reduces inflammation. Wearing Selenite promotes feelings of peace and serenity. Finally, it is another powerful stone for cleansing and purifying our own energetic systems, ensuring that the dissonance of our times does not lodge within our beings.


As both Amethyst and Selenite connect us to the higher spiritual frequencies, it feels important to balance their presence with a crystal that helps us ground into the energies of the earth and to feel rooted, strong and secure.  For this, Hematite is our hero.  Hematite is a master at grounding our energies and bringing harmony to mind, body and soul.  It skillfully dissipates negative energies and helps to restore us to a more balanced state of being (remembering always that balance is a state of gentle flux rather than a single, static resting spot).  Hematite enhances willpower, self-esteem and confidence, supporting us as we move through challenging times.  It helps us to focus clearly and productively on the issues that are the most important, including any self-defeating patterns we may have fallen into or problems that have risen before us.  Hematite also gifts us with endurance, stamina, strength and vitality and naturally accelerates the body’s healing process. In terms of partnering with Amethyst and Selenite, Hematite can help ground those more ethereal energies into our bodies and into our everyday lived experience. 

There are many stones that can help us navigate the complexities of our times.  These three are the ones that came forward to me, passionately wanting to help, during my meditation inquiry.  I have worked with the stones in this way for over two decades and have come to trust this way of knowing deeply.  So, this offering comes from long experience and a deep relationship with the stones.  But I do also want to encourage you to ask the stones directly yourselves.  The more you develop a practice of asking and listening, and trusting what you learn, the more adept you will become at the practice.  The stones are eager to help, generous with their advice and energy, and the end goal is always to develop your own intuitive ways of knowing.

Blessings on your path,

Suzanne Grace

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