Choosing Your Crystal

There is so much information out there about crystals, what they do, how to use them, and all sorts of dos and don’ts. Don’t panic!

Breathe. Just breathe.

Really, that’s how you start. Take a few deep breaths and open your mind and soul to feeling the energy that you are in. Now, just focus on your breath. Three deep breaths. Let that third breath meander through your body, and feel where it settles. For me, that’s the center. And it often feels like the calm in the eye of the storm. But this is where your wise, intuitive self resides (and, sometimes, hides). This is your personal place of deep knowing.

From this place of relative calm, you will recognize the crystals that call to you.

Choosing by Intention

Rocks and crystals have an energetic frequency, inherent in their crystalline structure, that informs their healing and metaphysical properties. If you are looking to address a specific issue, or to enhance or change certain energies in your life, then you’ll find a number of crystals whose frequency will support that. There are excellent books and other resources that can give
you a place to start.

Choosing by Aesthetics

Is it okay to choose a crystal because it looks pretty – or interesting? Yes! Absolutely! In fact, this is often how a crystal calls to us. Beauty and attraction are powerful energies that tend to uplift and energize our own vibrations. It is true, also, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what is beautiful to one person may not attract someone else the same way. This reflects your own energetic resonance with that crystal and is integral to your relationship with it.

Choosing by Intuition

Yes! Yes! Yes! We believe 100% in the wisdom and sensitivity of rocks and crystals. They are thousands – hundreds of thousands – billions of years old. They literally embody the wisdom of the ages. Furthermore, they will often ‘call’ you to them, knowing the energy you need, even if you do not. Similarly, you may be looking at a collection of amazing rocks and feel pulled to one in particular. That intuition is powerful, and we always recommend you heed it – even if that stone doesn’t ‘fit’ what you think you’re looking for. Choosing by intuition becomes easier, and you will find you trust it more, the more you work with the stones.

But there are so many! Where do I start?

All the above being absolutely true, it can still sometimes be overwhelming. If you’re just starting your collection, we recommend a few ‘gateway’ crystals. Amethyst. Rose Quartz. Quartz Crystal. Hematite. Black Tourmaline. Smoky Quartz. Selenite.

There is no ‘right way’ to choose a crystal. Sometimes, you may just want to get a crystal that offers the energetic properties you are looking for, sometimes you might choose by sight – the prettiest, the most symmetrical, the most colorful, or the most intriguing pick of the lot; you might ‘hear’ a stone call to you; you may feel an energetic ‘pull;’ sometimes you’ll experience a deep, intuitive ‘knowing,’ and sometimes you’ll just resonate with the description of the stone or its properties. Trust yourself and trust the stones, and it’ll work out alright.

A Few Things to Remember

There is nothing to be afraid of. Crystal energy is supportive and healing. Rocks don’t fight among themselves, so you needn’t be scared of combining them or using the wrong one. Probably two of the most diametrically opposed energies are quartz and hematite, but you find them growing together in hematoid quartz – an amazing crystal that embodies both the highest and slowest vibrations, generating energy to access the highest realms of spiritual awareness while providing deep grounding. You’ll find that the stones will figure out how to work together to provide the support and healing you need. As you work with them, you will become more adept at learning which combinations work best for you.

Crystals will not ‘fix’ things on their own. Crystals provide support, energy, alignment, focus. You must invest your own intention and energy in what you desire.

If you ask one hundred crystal ‘experts’ what stone you need, you’re likely to get 85 different answers. That’s because the real magic, power, and key to working with stones is the synergy between the crystal’s energy and your own.

Bright Blessings on your journey,
Rock Mama.

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