Watermelon Tourmaline Multi-Strand Beaded Necklace


Only 2 pieces in stock!

This opulent necklace features 3 strands of Watermelon Tourmaline beads that are just so yummy to the eyes! 

Necklace is 18" long, plus a 1 1/2" chain extension that makes it easy to wear it with whatever outfit you choose.

Watermelon Tourmaline
Love, Friendship, Understanding
A grounding stone that links to the higher self and fosters love, tenderness and friendship. It instills patience and teaches tact and diplomacy. This stone releases old pain and dissolves resistance to becoming whole. Watermelon Tourmaline assists you in understanding situations and expressing your intentions clearly and openly.

There are slight variations from piece to piece. We work intuitively with the stones to choose the one for you.

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