Shamanic Healing: Soul Retrieval

Traumatic events can cause part of our soul to disconnect. In this journey we retrieve what was lost.

About this experience

Soul Retrieval helps heal the emotional and physical body. From a shamanic point of view, when a human being experiences trauma, it may result in so-called 'soul loss'. In that state a human being may feel disconnected, depressed, weak, like they have no purpose or desire to move forward in life, they feel lost and hopeless, helpless and so on. When one experiences a traumatic event, part of the soul may disconnect. The journey entails bringing back all the lost pasts so that one may feel vibrant, healthy, whole and fully alive. 

Your Host

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Bojana Pandurevic

Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher
Rapid Transformational Therapist
Past Life Regressionist
Certified Hypnotherapist
Holistic Life Coach