Shamanic Healing: Heart Healing & Forgiveness

Release the barriers that hold you back from living your life's purpose with joy and love.

About this experience

Our heart has the strongest magnetic field out of all organs. It is 5000 times stronger than the brain's. When we experience trauma, pain or 'heart break', our aura and our energy field diminishes, reducing our protective energetic field making us feel sad, weak, hopeless and depressed. We will journey into the depths of our being, our heart to help it heal through forgiveness and letting go. We will release barriers that hinder our movement forward so that we can fully open up to living our purpose with joy and brightness and LOVE. Healing the heart helps one come into their alignment, feeling a strong connection not only to themselves but will all there is, with love and compassion. It also enhances our abilities for manifestation.

Your Host

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Bojana Pandurevic

Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher
Rapid Transformational Therapist
Past Life Regressionist
Certified Hypnotherapist
Holistic Life Coach