Chakra Nesting Singing Bowls Set


Only 1 piece in stock!

This superb set of Chakra nesting singing bowls is a luxurious and special find. Each of the bowls represents one of the 7 chakras and is attuned to resonate with its corresponding chakra. The intricate golden detailing is also just lovely to look at. This set can help you with any of your Chakra work, clearing and balancing your entire body and allowing you to tap into the best version of yourself. The nesting storage option also makes them incredibly convenient.

Made of brass, with enamel in colors that correspond with each Chakra.

The largest bowl measures approximately 5 1/4" in diameter and the smallest bowl measures approximately 3" in diameter. The set of bowls weighs approximately 2590g. 

You will receive the exact item pictured.
The set includes 7 bowls, 7 cushions, 4 strikers (2 large, 2 small), and a blue brocade carrying case. 

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