Serpentine Bracelet


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Cool and collected, Serpentine is ready to assist you in the healing journey ahead. Beyond looking stylish AF, wearing one of our Serpentine beaded bracelets allows you to carry the power of this sacred stone anywhere you go. Try wearing it during meditation and spiritual exploration practices. 

More About Serpentine:  Healing, Energy, Control

Serpentine is a healing stone that aids in meditation and spiritual exploration. It opens psychic abilities and new pathways for energies to rise. This stone corrects mental and emotional imbalances and assists the conscious direction of healing energy towards problem areas. Serpentine helps you feel more in control of your life.


Size/Weight Approx: Fits 7" Wrist Comfortably. 
Available in 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm.

Photo is representative and listing is for a single bracelet.

Rock Mama works intuitively to send the ones intended for you.

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