Sea Sediment Jasper- Large


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We are thrilled to be able to offer you this Sea Sediment Jasper tower. Not only is it a wonderful stone for emotional healing and heightening consciousness, but it's also just plain beautiful to look at. On every facet of the stone you can see pieces of embedded coral and shells. It's like getting to hold a little piece of history in your hand!

Sea Sediment Jasper: Stability, Protection, Tranquility

Sea Sediment Jasper is a nurturing and protective stone rife with the wisdom of the earth. It encourages you to let go of things not meant for you and can help ease emotional turmoil. It has also been know to assist in connecting to a higher self and in finding peace, love and tranquility in turbulent times.

Each piece measures approximately:
3 1/2" -to- 4 1/4" tall, 1" wide,  124g -to- 130g.

Weight shown upon checkout is approximate and may include the weight of shipping materials.

Each piece is naturally very unique. The photos show the range of colors and patterns within the stone. We work intuitively to choose the one intended for you.

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