Pink Tourmaline Mini Pin


Only 3 pieces in stock!

Connect with wisdom and compassion with Pink Tourmaline Mini Pin. The Pink Tourmaline bits are in their Quartz matrix which helps to amplify to properties of the tourmaline.

Pink Tourmaline Love, Compassion, Connection
Pink Tourmaline shares the same attributes of healing, cleansing, protection and balance common to all tourmalines. It connects you to wisdom and compassion. Pink Tourmaline has specific resonance for attracting love in the physical and spiritual world. It helps assure you that it is safe to love, it inspires you to trust in love, and it supports you in sharing physical love.

Mini pins are the perfect way to collect and display a great selection of stones - for a very reasonable price.

The pins stand from approximately 3.75" to 4.25" tall, depending on the crystal, which is about 2".

Photos are representative. Each mini pin is naturally unique. Rock Mama works intuitively to choose the one for you. 

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