Raw Aquamarine Chunk


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Invite quiet and calm into your life with this raw Aquamarine chunk. Aquamarine has a gentle and harmonious vibe. It emanates tranquility into the space around us and allows us to feel at ease even in times of trouble. 

Aquamarine:  Harmony, Spirituality, Positivity

Aquamarine is has a gentle, high vibration. It is a cleansing stone that calms and quiets the mind. It helps overcome judgment and helps you break out of old self-defeating behavior patterns. This stone promotes positive self-expression and tolerance of others. Aquamarine invokes higher states of spiritual awareness and shields you from negativity while attracting positive energy.

Hand shown for scale. Each piece measures approximately: 

Offering A: 2" x 3", 390g

Offering B: 4" x 2.5", 470g

Offering C: 4.5" x 3.5", 710g

Offering D: 3" x 3.5", 720g

Offering E: 4.5" x 3", 890g

Offering F: 4" x 3.5", 1190g

You will receive the exact item pictured for the offering style that you select.

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