Purple Mookaite Tower


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These Purple Mookaite towers offer the gusto to go after the things you want in life. With shades from pale mauve,  and plum purple that are contrasted by pops of Mookaite's trademark yellow, they are as diverse and beautiful as autumn leaves. 

MOOKAITE: Beauty, Adventure, Grounding

Both protective and grounding, Mookaite offers balance and harmony. It encourages a desire for new experiences as well as a calm serenity to face and tackle them. This Jasper assists in wise decision making, bringing insight and clarity. Mookaite also boosts the immune system and helps to heal wounds.

Approximately 3"-3.5" tall, 75g.

Photo is representative. Each piece is naturally unique and sold separately. 

Rock Mama works intuitively to send the one intended for you. 

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