Peridot Bracelet, 5mm Round Beads


Our Peridot bracelets have a cheerful, grassy green color that catches the light beautifully! Made with 5mm-6mm polished round beads, these are a great option for those that prefer petite bracelets.

Peridot Cleansing, Inspiration, Growth
Peridot is a protective stone that cleanses both the emotional and physical bodies. It opens the heart and releases negative patterns and old vibrations. This stone inspires change and motivation towards personal growth and self-confidence. It assists in detaching from external negative influences. Peridot helps you move onward and forward gracefully.

Our bracelets fit a 7" wrist comfortably.

Photos are representative. Each bracelet is naturally unique and sold individually. We work intuitively to choose the one for you.

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