Misty Moonstone Sphere


Start fresh with this Misty Moonstone sphere. Misty Moonstone is helpful during times of change. It allows us to accept the things that we can not control and work hard to ensure that things go our way as things transition.

Moonstone: Intuition, Dreams, New Beginnings

Moonstone is known as the "stone of new beginnings." A deeply feminine stone, it opens the mind to serendipity and synchronicity. This stone helps release old patterns and offers deep emotional healing. Moonstone is connected to the moon and the natural cycles of change. It promotes intuition, empathy, and a sense of calm.

Each piece measures approximately:

Offering A: 40mm -to- 43mm, 80g -to- 120g

Offering B: 47mm -to- 50mm, 140g -to- 180g

Offering C: 52mm -to- 53mm, 190g -to- 210g

Offering D: 55mm, 235g

Offering E: 60mm, 290g

You will receive the exact item pictured for the offering style that you select.

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